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Welcome to St. Therese's

The clergy and parishioners of St. Therese adhere firmly to the unchangeable Catholic Faith and Sacraments as taught by all true Popes, from St. Peter to Pius XII.

St. Therese of Lisieux by Leonard Porter, 2008
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Mass Schedule

Week of September 17, 2023

16th Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday, September 17

16th Sunday after Pentecost

Stigmata of St. Francis 

8:00 am Low Mass (Pro Populo)

  • Server: Jake Sellers

9:35 am Holy Rosary

10:00 am High Mass (Pro Populo)

  • Server: Daniel Wright

Monday, September 18

St. Joseph of Cupertino, C

**NO MASS SCHEDULED** (RIP Ralph & Marcella Davis from Matt Davis)

Tuesday, September 19

Ss. Januarius & Comp., Mm

7:00 am Low Mass (Andres Meseguer from Kevin Hand)

Wednesday, September 20

Ss. Eustace & Comp., Mm

Ember Wednesday

7:00 am Low Mass (Andres Meseguer from Kevin Hand)

Thursday, September 21

St. Matthew, ApEv

7:00 am Low Mass (Andres Meseguer from Kevin Hand)

Friday, September 22

St. Thomas Villanova, BC

Ember Friday 

Holy Theban Legion, Mm 

8:00 am Low Mass (Andres Meseguer from Kevin Hand)

Saturday, September 23

Ember Saturday

St. Linus, PM 

St. Thecla, VM 

8:30 am Low Mass (Forgotten soul in purgatory)

Sunday, September 24

17th Sunday after Pentecost

Our Lady of Ransom 

8:00 am Low Mass (Sr. Sophia Marie, CMRI from Daniel Peck)

  • Server: Issac Smith

9:35 am Holy Rosary

10:00 am Low Mass (Pro Populo)

  • Server: Xavier Wright

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1.  Ember Days this week! Partial abstinence (meat only at main meal) and fast is to be observed on Ember Wednesday and Saturday. Friday is complete abstinence and fast. The law of abstinence obliges all who have completed their seventh year and up (C.1254). The law of fasting obliges all who have completed their twenty-first year and who have not yet begun their sixtieth year (C.1254).

2.  The next Catechism Class with the Sisters for the children and teenagers will be September 24 after each Mass. Catechism Classes for October will be October 15 & 22.

3.  Cleaning & Installing Plywood in Attic: On October 7th, if some boys and men can help volunteer to clean out the attic and put up some plywood, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

4.  Adult Catechism is this Wednesday at 6 pm (9/20).

5.  Father is accepting Mass Intentions for October.

6.  Petition to St. Therese to help find a building for the school, convent, and rectory, and as always, gratitude and thanksgiving for what we have received. For the past few years, Bishop has asked the Sisters to keep an eye out for a building for the school and potentially a convent and rectory. So, I would like to begin a petition to St. Therese for these intentions. The Novena Prayer to St. Therese after each Low Mass will be for these intentions.

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Note: Our bulletin is printed in bulk and is available in hardcopy for all in the vestibule, but it is also available here.
If you would like to download a PDF copy, you may do so at the links below.

September 17

September 10

September 3

August 27

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Weekly Reflection

Imitation of Christ, Book 3

Chapter 34 The Person Who Loves God Delights in Him above All Things: “DISCIPLE: My God and my all! What more can I have and what more can I desire than You? O sweet and delightful Word! Sweet to him who loves the Word and not the world, nor those things that are in the world. My God and my all! To the one who understands, enough is said, and yet it is pleasing to the one who loves to say it over again. When You are present, Lord, all things bring delight; but when You are absent, all things are dreary. When You come, You bring peace, joy and gladness, and the heart is at rest. You give us true judgment in all things and lead us to praise and glorify You in all things. There is no lasting pleasure without You, Lord; but if anything is to be agreeable or pleasant, it can only be with the help of Your grace and it must be seasoned with Your wisdom.

2. Will not all be a delight to those to whom You give a gift? But to those who take no delight in You, what else can be agreeable to them? The worldly-wise and the sensuous are devoid of Your wisdom, for in worldly wisdom is emptiness, and in sensuality is death. Those, therefore, who follow You, Lord, by despising the world and mortifying the flesh, are wise indeed; for they are led from folly to truth and from the flesh to the spirit. Souls such as these truly love God and refer to Him whatever good is found in creatures. But what a vast difference between the love of the Creator and that of the creature, between eternity and time, between the uncreated Light and the reflected light of creation!

3. O everlasting Light, surpassing all created light, send down Your bright rays from above to penetrate and illuminate the dark recesses of my heart. Enliven my spirit and all its powers, cleanse it, gladden it and enlighten it, that it may cling to You in joyous rapture. When will that blessed hour come when You will visit me with the joy of Your presence and be to me my all in all? My joy cannot be full until You grant me this. But, sorry to say, my old nature still lives within me, for it is not wholly crucified—not perfectly dead. The flesh still lusts strongly against the spirit and, waging war within me, does not permit the kingdom of my soul to be in peace.

4. But You, Who are Lord over the might of the sea and still the motion of its waves (Ps 89:10), arise and come to my aid. Scatter the warring nations (Ps 68:31) and crush them by Your power. I beseech You, Lord, to show the strength of Your wonderful works and let the power of Your right hand be glorified; for I have no other hope or refuge but in You, my Lord and my God.”

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