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Welcome to St. Therese's

The clergy and parishioners of St. Therese adhere firmly to the unchangeable Catholic Faith and Sacraments as taught by all true Popes, from St. Peter to Pius XII.

St. Therese of Lisieux by Leonard Porter, 2008
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Mass Schedule

Week of June 16th, 2024

4th Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday, June 16

4th Sunday after Pentecost

St. John Francis Regis, C

8:00 am Low Mass (Conversion of mother Lois Watkins from Sage Flower)

  • Server: Aiden Sellers

9:35 am Holy Rosary

10:00 am Low Mass (Pro Populo)

  • Server: Michael Peck

Monday, June 17


St. Avitus, AbC 

**NO MASS SCHEDULED** (Poor Souls in Purgatory from Jamie Kennedy)

Tuesday, June 18

St. Ephrem, Deacon, CD

Ss. Mark & Marcellinus, Mm 

7:30 am Low Mass (Special Intention from Cleo Speckert)

Wednesday, June 19

St. Juliana Falconieri, V

Ss. Gervase & Protase, Mm 

7:30 am Low Mass (Elsa Bowman from Cleo Speckert)

Thursday, June 20


St. Silverius, PM 

7:30 am Low Mass (Private Intention from Clark Family)

Friday, June 21

St. Aloysius Gonzaga, C

7:30 am Low Mass (RIP Albert Joseph, Margaret Ann Gnadinger from Clark Family)

Saturday, June 22

St. Pauline’s, BC

St. John Fisher, BM

8:30 am Low Mass (Poor Souls in Purgatory from Jamie Kennedy)

Sunday, June 23

5th Sunday after Pentecost

St. Joseph Cafasso, C

8:00 am Low Mass (Conversion & salvation of my children, friends & family members from Jamie Kennedy)

  • Server: Andrew Smith

9:35 am Holy Rosary

10:00 am Low Mass (Pro Populo)

  • Server: Xavier Wright

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1.  Wishing all fathers a Happy Father’s Day!

2.  Marriage Banns: The following propose to receive the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the Roman Catholic Church: Mr. Nicholas Bohman of Versailles, Ohio and Ms. Rita Kremer of New Bremen, Ohio. Wherefore, we hereby admonish each and all that, if anyone of you has knowledge of an impediment existing which would prevent their marrying, whether it be an impediment of blood relationship, relationship through marriage, spiritual relationship, or of any other kind, you are bound to make it known to the pastor. This is the second publication of the banns.

3.  MODESTY STANDARDS: During the summer months, please remember to practice the virtue of modesty, especially in dress. Modesty pamphlets with practical guidelines are available in the vestibule.

4.  NOTE: The dates for the Adult Catechism & Children’s Catechism with the Bishop and CMD Sisters will be July 22 - 26.  The location of the Adult Catechism will be at 5733 Whispering Way, Springboro, OH 45066. Classes will be from 9 am to 12 pm. Mass during that week will be at 7 am (Bishop will need servers for those days he will be saying Mass. If the boys could come serve those days, it will be greatly appreciated). The children’s catechism will be held at the church. Please sign up in the vestibule if you are planning to attend. Please sign up to provide lunches for the Bishop and Sisters in the vestibule. If you would like to host the bishop and sisters for dinner, please sign up in the vestibule. Also, those who are looking to be confirmed or conditionally reconfirmed, please let Father know. Thank you


  1. St. John Bosco Boys’ Camp August 4 - 10. Please contact Fr. Gabriel Cost: $125 per youth, $75 per additional child. Dads $50. Registration deadline: July 1st. Location: Hiram, Ohio.

  2. Milites Christi Boys’ Camp August 4 - 9. Please contact Fr. Sellners at 507-276-3476 for the forms to fill out and more information. Cost: $100. Location: Wauzeka, Wisconsin.

  3. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church Girls’ Camp July 15 - 20. To register please call 402-290-5478 or email Cost: $100. Location: Mater Dei Convent 3715 286th St. Persia, Iowa 51563.

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Note: Our bulletin is printed in bulk and is available in hardcopy for all in the vestibule, but it is also available here.
If you would like to download a PDF copy, you may do so at the links below.

June 16

June 9

June 2

May 26

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Weekly Reflection

The Imitation of Christ

Book 4 Chapter 9 We Must Offer Ourselves and All That is Ours to God, and Pray for All People: “DISCIPLE: Lord, all things in heaven and on earth are Yours. I desire to give myself to You in willing abandonment, and to remain Yours forever. Lord, in simplicity of heart, I offer myself to You this day, always to be Your obedient servant and a sacrifice of perpetual praise. Accept me with this holy sacrifice of Your precious Body, which I offer You today in the presence of Your assisting Angels, for my salvation and that of all Your people.


Lord, I offer You all my sins and offenses, committed before You and Your holy Angels, from the day I was first able to sin until now. Placing them upon Your altar of reconciliation, I implore You to burn and consume them in the fire of Your love. Wipe clean from slate of my conscience every stain of sin and every fault; and restore to me Your grace, which I have lost through sin, granting me full pardon of all, and in Your mercy receiving me with the kiss of peace.


What else can I do about my sins but humbly confess and deplore them, ever asking for Your mercy? Please hear me, O merciful God, as I stand before You. All my sins are extremely detestable to me; by Your grace, I will never commit them again. I am truly sorry for them and will regret them the rest of my life; and I am ready to do penance and make amends to the best of my ability. O my God, I beg You to forgive my sins, for Your holy Name’s sake. Be pleased to save my soul, which You have redeemed by Your precious Blood. I commit myself to Your mercy, resigning myself with confidence into Your hands.


Although my good works are few and imperfect, nevertheless I offer them to You to improve and sanctify. Look upon them favorably, making them acceptable to You, always perfecting them; and bring me, a slothful and useless creature, to a holy and glorious end.


I offer You also all the holy desires of devout persons; the needs of my parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and all who are dear to me; and all who have shown kindness to me or others for Your love, or who have asked me to pray and offer Masses for them and those dear to them—living or dead. May they be helped by Your grace and consolation, protected from dangers and delivered from their pains. Then, freed from all evils, they may joyfully give You praise and thanks.


I offer You as well my prayers and this sacrifice of reconciliation especially for those who hurt me, offended me, abused me, or inflicted any injury upon me; and for all, too, whom I have at any time burdened, grieved, troubled or prevented from good—by word or deed, knowingly or unknowingly. Be pleased to forgive us all our sins and mutual offenses. Drive from our hearts, O Lord, all suspicion, perversity, anger, dissension, and whatever else may wound charity or lessen brotherly love. Be merciful, O Lord, be merciful to those who implore Your grace and life everlasting. Amen.”

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